Pata Kisima na Bwawa bora kwa gharama nafuu na kwa kujali thamani halisi ya pesa yako

Miradi ya Visima

The drilling department has highly experienced drilling professionals most of them with over 30years in the field. It is vital department as far as the agency operations are concerned. Its has achieved 85% drilling success rate in the course of carrying out the agency’s core-function whose major operational activities are follows:-

Drilling of boreholes for various purposes of diameter ranging 100mm – 600mm up to 3000 meters deep including:- Exploratory boreholes i.e piexometric holes and others for water level and water quality control and monitoring.Production boreholes for rural and urban water supply which are drilled using various drilling method of reverse circulation, direct mud circulation, down the hole hammer (DTH), coring and cable tool method.

Pump installation

Pump selection according to specific borehole parameters including detailed design of pumping schemes.The pumping schemes include solar powered, motorized, electrical driven pumps and hand pumps for rural area specifically.

Other drilling services:

Rehabilitation of boreholes which including fishing and borehole cleaning and general services.Service and repair of pumps with accessories which include starters and other safety gadgets