Pata Kisima na Bwawa bora kwa gharama nafuu na kwa kujali thamani halisi ya pesa yako

Sisi ni nani


The Government of Tanzania under Civil Service Reform Program decided to transform selected organizations, carrying out essential public functions into Executive Agencies.  As a result of these government reforms, the Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA) was created under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. DDCA came into existence following the Executive Agencies Act. No. 30 of 1997, and was launched on the 26th of March 1999.

The role of DDCA is to develop sustainable and safe water sources through efficient means and at cost effective price.  This objective is in line with the national objective of alleviating poverty and improving the health of people through provision of clean, safe, and adequate water supply to rural and urban population.

Currently only about 58.3% of the rural and 83% of urban population in Tanzania are served with clean water (MOWI, June 2009). As the human population, industries and irrigation schemes increase the demand for water increases too. To arrest this situation, Groundwater Exploration & Exploitation as well as Dam Construction activities are necessary and the Drilling and Dam Construction Agency has to be effective in performing these activities