Pata Kisima na Bwawa bora kwa gharama nafuu na kwa kujali thamani halisi ya pesa yako

Idara ya Biashara

The department consists of four sections which are Accounts, Marketing and Public Relation, Administrative and Personnel, Legal unit, Procurement Management Unit and Supplies and Asset Management.


• Advertisement and solicit projects for well and Dam Construction

• Provide customer care to all stakeholders

• Prepare Annual procurement plan of the Agency

• Coordinate all local and international procurement for DDCA activities in Corroboration with PPRA

• Develop plan and executive program for the business support of the Agency

• Monitor revenue and expenditure of the Agency

• Coordinate the preparation of annual accounts and budgetary preparation of the Agency

• Develop Business strategies and policies to sustain DDCA operations

• Creation of supportive working environment for the implementation of budgetary Planning control

• Provide effective and efficient human resources and legal support to the Agency

• Record keeping for the Agency’s documents

• Develops staff training and development plan for staff in the Agency

• Provide Business Support to other departments